Our Beers at The Sarasota Brewing Company

Sarasota Gold Aka Cobra Lite 5% Abv / 12 Bu

This light golden beer blends pale barley malt and mild Czechoslovakian hop flavors to create a pleasant easy drinking beer.

Ya Mills Honeymeade Ale 7.0% Abv / 18 Bu

This very popular medium bodied light amber beer is made with mild honey-like malt and generous amounts of real wild flower honey and balanced by a citrusy hop character.

Midnight Pass Porter - A full bodied roasty dark ale.

Sarasota IPA, a medium bodied amber ale aggressively flavored with northwest American hops.

English Special 6.50% Abv / 38 Bu

Originally developed by a famous London brewery this style blends sweet caramel malt flavor and aromatic hop character for a strong yet thirst-quenching treat.

Sequia Amber Lager 5.5% Abv / 13 Bu

Caramel flavor with a signature northwest hop character won our Sequoia a medal at the prestigious great American beer festival.

Midnight Pass Porter 6.5% Abv / 26 Bu

This robust porter, dark as midnight, made only with water, barley, hops, and yeast tastes like espresso laced with chocolate liqueur.


A fruity red ale with Belgian malts and yeast.